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Another Safly completed roofing work at Agawam Massachusetts

Roofs play a pivotal role in houses and buildings. Apart from the fundamental part of protecting and strengthening the four walls, they play a chic factor too. Beautiful roof patterns and layouts add more grace to the overall look of the place. Roofs intensify the atmosphere, and that is why choosing beautiful and sturdy tops is a must.

In the contemporary marketplace, numerous roof designs are available. Canopies add an enchanting factor, plus they enhance the home’s theme. Choosing good roofing is the most integral part o as they are the sole protector of the entire structure. While choosing roofs, we must take care of a few critical parameters such as heat, mould, water, and breakage resistance. Along with quality, the material and design of the roofs should be robust to magnify the building’s overall appearance.

Here in this blog, we will briefly put all the types of roofs. Unravel through them and choose a perfect and most alluring one for your place. In the upcoming section, we will discuss some common and extraordinary roof types.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs amass the same level as sloped roofs. PVC roofing is the most preferred material for laying a flat roof. The best part about flat roofs is that they are adaptable, conserve energy and procure low construction expenses.

Asphalt Roof

Asphalt roof comes in varied colours, designs and patterns. These roofs accumulate special asphalt shingles, which makes them highly water-resistant. These roofs are strong in all weather conditions making them more reliable and concrete. Asphalt roofs have elongation and possess tabs.

Shed Roof

Shed roofs have broad asymmetry. They have solid lines and are approximately one- to two-story height. These roof types have a wall intersection. These canopies bestow a modern plus conventional look to the building.

Bonnet style roof

These roofs have a complicated design as the upper slope comes with more storage. The best part about these roofs is that they allow easy passage of rain and snow. Bonnet roofs deliver resistance against water damage too.

Butterfly Roof

Butterfly roofs have a complicated design of an inverted V and closely resembles a butterfly wing. These roofs are best for conserving rainwater and utilizing it for various other operations. These roofs look exclusive and provide excellent water and wind resistance. Butterfly roofs do not only look appealing, but their nature is pretty sustainable as well.

Slate Roof

Slate roofs are one of the best roofings as they are mould and fire-resistant. These walls come with impeccably low water absorption calibre. Another appealing part of these roofs is that they are low-maintenance and possess long life.

Dormer Roof

Dormer roofs look quite classy as they acquire an existing roof. These canopies are amalgamations of a simple shelter and window. The window protrudes from the ceiling, only giving more natural sunlight and a natural appearance to the roofing.

Mansard Roof

Mansard roof emerges from French designs. It has two slopes placed within one on both sides. These roofs allow more opening and present an attractive shape to the roofing. This roof is characterised by a four-sided gambrel and hip shaped roof. These roofs allow maximum usage of interior space.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel or Barn roofs have a sophisticated yet precise outlook. They have a composition of fewer materials which cuts construction expenses. These roofs have a simplified construction as they have two beams connected by gusset joints. Gambrel roofs also allot more storage spaces.

Hip Roof 

Hip-style roofs are very stable in appearance but acquire a complex design. These roofs present more space for the loft. They are best for regions prone to high rains and wind waves. In this roof type, four sides of the top are equal and form a ridge.


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